Saturday, March 5, 2016

Which Oil products will be hot in the coming Iranian New year?

The new Persian New year is starting soon. 1395 will begin 21st of March.
The Market will be closed in Iran for two weeks. not all the days are off, but we know by experience, trade will be off during these two weeks. especially transportation will be interrupted seriously.

Happy Norooz 1395

for the next year, which will be started soon, with void sanctions against Iran, the oil and petrochemical products market will be HOT!

Rubber Process Oil ended up this year around 230 USD per MT FOB Bandar Abbas

Base Oil SN500
SN500 virgin was traded around 510 USD per MT FOB BND in the last days

Sepahan Slack Wax
Slack wax (light and heavy) was traded 590 USD per MT FOB BND

Motor Oil SAE40
Iranol was selling this product around 125 USD per Barrel FOB BND till the last days

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100
Iranian Bitumen is 205-210 USD per MT FOB BND these days

all the above products will be hot to trade next year too. but it is recommended to wait till the end of holidays to have precise and accurate quoting. also for a stable and sustained supply, do not plan to land transportation before April 5th.

Good luck!

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