Sunday, June 20, 2010

PET flake

My company is now providing new product: PET Flakes
these flakes are produced from low PVC bottles and other PET products, completely clear, white, washed and packed in 35kg bags to reduce the transportation costs.
Our recycling and flake making machine and warehouse is located in south west of Tehran, so our transportation costs are optimized. the treatment process is including crushing, washing, separating and drying is completely held in the factory.

More specification:
Place of Origin: Iran
PVC PPM below 100 (PVC impurity included in recycled PET)
color: white

Capacity: Maximum 240 MT per month
Price (20-June-2010):
Tehran (factory): 795 USD
Bandar Abbas Port: 819.5 USD
FOB Bandar Abbas: 822


CFR Shanghai or any other Chinese, Hong Kong, India or other destinations are available.
delivery 3 weeks from the order