Monday, June 17, 2013

when Bitumen Business slows down...!

you probably have seen to many "what to do when business is slow..." tips and advice on the net. things like:

  • contact old clients and make better relations
  • cut possible costs and do more yourself
  • work on advertising strategies and write new plans
  • etc etc etc
I, personally, am fed up with slow business in Iran recent months, but more fed up with these advises!
in the last three months I just did couple of sales which is disappointing! so I struggled a lot with this question and here are my COMPLETELY DIFFERENT solution!

Bitumen from Iran
  • understand the reason
    hmmm... well, the real one I mean! in my case, presidential election in Iran and large scale fluctuations in USD/Rial rate were strongest reasons
    understanding the real reasons will definitely help you get back on track when those which are out of your control ended up.
  • long run buddy! look at the long run!
    the lab is over? but there are more remaining! the sanctions will be over, new president will step to power, USD/Rial rate will be solid, L/C will be OK again... what next? so you have to be ready for a long run business.
  • take some nasty time OFF!
    damn go out of your office, hang out with friends (especially those who may have impact on your business) and spend some time for yourself!