Monday, December 24, 2012

Poly Ethylene and other Petrochemical products from Iran

We have new availabilities on Petrochemical products and also oil products.

PE, stands for Polyethylene is the most common plastic, with a vast range of usage for packaging, plastic bag, plastic films, geo-membranes, containers including bottles etc.

PE has a wide range of grades itself. we have PE-BL3 and PE-52518 for export right now.
both grades, EXW Factory in Assaluyeh 1410 USD per MT

Iran has a wide range of Petrochemical products for export

Base Oil for export
Base oil SN-500 virgin in flexi tanks (22 MT)
price: FOB Bandar Abbas 950 USD per MT

Base Oil SN-500 recycled is available too, price depends on the type of packing clients asks for.

Slack Wax:
Heavy Slack Wax FOB Bandar Abbas 800 USD per MT
Light Slack Wax FOB Bandar Abbas 650 USD per MT

for inquiries please contact me: honarparvar at gmail dot com
or my cell phone: +98 912 149 6126

all the prices are valid for one week (till 2nd January 2013)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bitumen, Slack Wax and Poly Ethylene

too many problems nowadays with Iranian suppliers... sanctions and embargoes from one side and economic difficulties from the other hand...

anyway, still working! here are some new updates on prices and availability:

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100
origin Jey Oil Refinery, Isfahan
new steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas 525 USD per MT

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100
origin Pasargad Oil Refinery, Tehran
new steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas 490 USD per MT

* Tehran is the best quality among Pasargad refineries. I don't recommend other ones like Bandar Abbas or Arak

Jam Petrochemical Refinery
EXW factory 1400 USD per MT

Heavy Slack Wax
Sepahan refinery
FOB Bandar Abbas 800 USD per MT

all the price are valid till 19 Dec 2012
please contact me (+98 912 149 6126 / or email) for further information or visit Iran Bitumen Market website for specifications, grades, packing info and updated price every week.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iranian government stopped supplying bitumen to traders!

all the major oil refineries supplying bitumen have been told to stop delivering new orders to traders and brokers today! this includes Jey Oil Refinery and Pasargad Oil Refinery in Isfahan, Arak, Tehran and Bandar Abbas.
the price of drummed bitumen FOB Bandar Abbas is still 450 USD per MT but it may rise because of new policies applying on export procedure and tariff or any change in oil product export rules and regulations.

I think the high USD to Rial rate which achieved recently and caused a sharp drop in all oil products including Bitumen, Base Oil etc has forced or lead the government to reconsider the export fees and costs for more trade income.

in a short run it can impose high end prices and drop in total revenue for brokers, traders, refineries and the government, but if the added expenses are reasonable, in mid term and long run it can improve the trade income of the government while it doesn't damage trade volume.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bitumen delivery to Malaysia, Klang Port

Bitumen delivery available for the port of Klang in Malaysia
price: CIF Klang port, Malaysia - 495 USD per MT
new steel drums
grades: 60/70 and 85/100
delivery time: 30 working days

have you ever bought bitumen that easy?! :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Net Weight and Gross Weight price calculation

We always quote our bitumen orders on a gross weight basis. it means the price considers the total weight of drums and bitumen in it both. it's obvious that we have to do that for ease of accounting and everybody knows you have to be competitive in your quoting anyway!

but many clients ask for a conversion of price based on net weight. they may need to know how much the bitumen itself costs for them. well, they deserve the right too!

let's see:
our drums (Type A drums as normal drums) contain 182 Kg of bitumen. the drum weight is 9.5 - 10 kg
so the conversion rate would be 192/182 which equals to 1.0549

it means if you have been quoted 450 USD for gross weight, the net weight cost is 474.7 USD
in another way, the net weight price is 5.5 percent more than the gross price.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bitumen market prices are unstable!

Instability in bitumen prices because of volatile USD to Rls rates are seen.
Bitumen exporters and importers can benefit from this conditions, but this can also make every agreement fragile. understanding the fundamentals of price trends can help traders to secure their deals.

anyway, the new price is:
460 USD per MT
FOB Bandar Abbas
a new record low since 2010, as I can remember.

CIF Mombasa 575 USD per MT
please contact for more CIF based prices.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Iran Bitumen Prices down due to high USD rate

New updated bitumen price (origin: Iran) are lower than ever this year, because of high USD to Rial rate.
it's an opportunity for exporters and also international buyers to buy quality bitumen from Iran at a more reasonable price.

NEW Bitumen Prices:
FOB Bandar Abbas - 500 USD per MT
CIF Nheva Sheva, India - 520 USD per MT
CIF African ports - 650 USD per MT (may vary from one country to another, please contact)

Slack Wax for India, CIF Nheva Sheva
Iranoil Slack wax (Heavy - Tehran) - 700 USD per MT
Iranoil Slack Wax (light - Abadan) - 650 USD per MT

RPO for India, CIF Nheva Sheva
540 USD per MT

please feel free to contact us by email: honarparvar @ gmail . com
or visit our Bitumen website for more information. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bitumen Buyers or Window shoppers?!

Hey Bitumen Exporters! how many of your contacts, telephone calls, emails and ads campaigns turn in to a real Bitumen client??

Hey Bitumen Importers! how serious are you when you contact a bitumen supplier??

I answer both! with having a very near to real estimation, I just discovered only one out of 400 emails and contacts I have made during last 5 years in this business, turns in to a real client with an order!
With a low profit margin in this business it really sounds disappointing, huh?!

even Bitumen Market has window shoppers!
Window shoppers can become a part of your branding strategy
the key is, my company has a monopoly on supplying bitumen from Iran to two countries, which is enough for our supply capacity! so, what I am looking for on this blog and all this internet ads, exhibition attending, magazine ads etc, as the marketing manager of the company?? 

I tell you one secret: I'm looking for new monopolies! so we can expand our bitumen supply and have the alternative customers always.

So again, Hey Bitumen Exporters! young traders! don't give up and just stick to your profession and business strategy and marketing plan! your marketing plan is your bible! if you don't believe in that, who else should?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Virgin/Recycled Base Oil

Base oil availability from Iran! virgin and recycled base oil with high quality is available at very good prices. Below you can find three main grades which we deal mostly:

SN-150 Recycled
Physical properties
Base Oil
SpGr@60/60 F (APP.)
Flash Point C (min)
Viscosity index (min)
Color (max)
2.5 - 3

FOB Bandar Abbas 900 USD
Bazargan border 910 USD per MT
* Bazargan port is useful for Turkish traders

SN-500 Virgin
Physical properties
Base Oil
SpGr@60/60 F (APP.)
Flash Point C (min)
Asphaltenes WT% (max)
MIN. VIS. @ 100 C
Water Cont. VOL.% (max)
Color (max)
Pour Point C (max)
Viscosity Index
FOB Bandar Abbas 1050 USD
Bazargan border 1060 USD per MT

SN-500 Recycled
Flash Point
Min 120
Viscosity @100 C
Min 9.5
FOB Bandar Abbas 930 USD
Bazargan border 940 USD per MT

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new website on Iranian origin Bitumen (Review and Introductory)

Iranian market for oil products and especially bitumen is getting more gain than ever in the recent years. When I started this blog, even my own company didn't have a dedicated website on Bitumen, neither do any other business corporate.
but now there are many Business firms dealing and trading bitumen which have found Internet as a powerful tool to penetrate the market, update their clients and customers with their news and establish new relations. is a new player too.

Professional Design
the first thing you may notice in the site is "easy to look, easy to use" design of the site. the menu and the links are accessible and easy to navigate. like many other bitumen websites, a dark tone color helps the site to feel relevant and professional.
below the main header, there is a three step scheme which tells you about the purchase procedure: Send Request, Confirm Order and Track your order. though as a 5-year bitumen trader it sounds like a slogan to me, but shows the managers are trying to simplify the process of an purchase.

Online Services and Incentive Program have done more than a good design. While browsing the website, you quickly will realize the site has focused on two main plans: Order Tracking System and Incentive Purchase Plan (Incentive Rebate Program)
Both are good ideas to put on the website. tracking system with container numbers through most of freight forwarders and marine companies is possible. but having them on the website of the supplier can cause more confident and trust for the client.
Incentive purchasing tables are not new idea too. and reasonably all the traders offer incentive plans for buyers, but I know no other company promote that on a website. to be honest, I'm not gonna do the same on my website, but still sounds good for GildaTar

What's inside?
In my point of view, the website lacks from genuine and useful content. Also I do not like the name, using Tar for Bitumen, is just like using selling Acetaminophen on a website called !
ofcourse the term "Bitumen" is repeatedly used in the website, but a name is a name.
the writing style, fonts and grammar is good. and each page has an effective message for the user.

"Located in Iran, we export bitumen (asphalt) to all over ther world" this is what you can see in the footer, but in the contact us page, there is no contact or address information about Iranian head quarter or branch office. The answer to this question may be simply fear of the Sanctions, but with the announcement in the footer, it sounds weird.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New prices, Iran Bitumen

Dramatic changes in USD to Rial rate has caused below new prices available:

Bitumen grades 60/70 & 85/100
New steel drum
CIF BEIRUT, Lebanon - 610 USD per MT

Please contact for Proforma Invoice:
Honarparvar @ gmail.  com

Friday, June 22, 2012

Price list - Bitumen from Iran to Sudan and Myanmar

New prices released for Bitumen

Origination: Iran, Jey and Pasargad Oil refineries

Grades: 60/70 and 85/100


Destination ports and prices:

Port Sudan, Sudan – CIF 640 USD per MT

Mombasa, Kenya – CIF 630 USD per MT

Yangon, Myanmar – CIF 650 USD per MT


Availability 500 MT up to 3000 MT each delivery

Please feel free to contact for further information: honarparvar @ gmail . com

Or simply visit:


Skype ID: emad.honarparvar

Viber No.: +98 935 225 5657

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Iran Bitumen to Mombasa

new availability on iran bitumen CIF Mombasa, grade 60/70 new steel drums price 630 USD per MT directly shipped from Bandar Abbas

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

HOT OFFER! Iran Bitumen available for worldwide delivery!

Hi all friends,

We've been so busy during last months with some orders to Africa and India.

I had also some orders from China (west coast) but I don't know it's too difficult to do business with Chinese!! I hope we close some deals with them. Actually I know it's construction low season in China at the moment and this may be a reason they are not so eager to buy, while it's high season in Iran's and Middle east construction calendar and the traders and contractors are so busy.


Anyway, we have below prices for 10,000 MT availability of two grades of Bitumen: 60/70 and 85/100

We can supply up to 3000 MT per Month

For more information on technical specification, packing details etc go to our website: Iran Bitumen Market

Packing: new or used steel drums, type A (refer to website) – please notice the used drums are limited in quantity and we always suggest customers to order new steel drums


Refinery: Jey or Pasargad Oil refinery – Jey refinery has some problems in supplement these days so we may alternatively replace Pasargad. Otherwise and normally we always buy Bitumen from Jey Oil Refinery


Payment: 30% in advance, 70% upon B/L (negotiable)

(for small orders like 200-500 MT, you can open 20% PBG to our bank in Dubai and pay the whole amount based on B/L)

Port of loading: Bandar Abbas

SGS applied!


Price list:

Bandar Abbas, FOB – 560 USD per MT

Jebel Ali (Dubai) CIF – 580 USD per MT

Indian west coast ports (Nheva Sheva, Mumbai, Kandla etc) – 590 USD per MT CIF

Qingdao, Shanghai, and other east coast Chinese ports – 600 USD per MT CIF

Chittagong, Bangladesh – 615 USD per MT CIF

West African ports (like Mombasa, Port Sudan, Free Town, Sierra Leone etc) – 740-770 USD per MT CIF


For exact and accurate prices and destination not mentioned above, please feel free to contact me: honarparvar @ (please delete the spaces!)




Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Base Oil from Iran

we have availability in Recycled Base Oil with Iran Origin

Flash Point: Min 210
Viscosity @100 °C : Min 9.5
Color: 2

for inquiries please contact
or visit:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

availibility on Iranian Bitumen

we have 5000 MT Bitumen available on port of Bandar Abbas:

grade: 60/70 and 85/100 (each 2500 MT)
packing: new steel drums, Type A (go to our website for details:
FOB Bandar Abbas
price: 560 USD per MT

we can handle the ocean freight as well.
payment terms: cash on delivery to the port
delivery: 3 weeks

please send your inquiries only to this email: honarparvar [at]