Sunday, September 30, 2012

Net Weight and Gross Weight price calculation

We always quote our bitumen orders on a gross weight basis. it means the price considers the total weight of drums and bitumen in it both. it's obvious that we have to do that for ease of accounting and everybody knows you have to be competitive in your quoting anyway!

but many clients ask for a conversion of price based on net weight. they may need to know how much the bitumen itself costs for them. well, they deserve the right too!

let's see:
our drums (Type A drums as normal drums) contain 182 Kg of bitumen. the drum weight is 9.5 - 10 kg
so the conversion rate would be 192/182 which equals to 1.0549

it means if you have been quoted 450 USD for gross weight, the net weight cost is 474.7 USD
in another way, the net weight price is 5.5 percent more than the gross price.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bitumen market prices are unstable!

Instability in bitumen prices because of volatile USD to Rls rates are seen.
Bitumen exporters and importers can benefit from this conditions, but this can also make every agreement fragile. understanding the fundamentals of price trends can help traders to secure their deals.

anyway, the new price is:
460 USD per MT
FOB Bandar Abbas
a new record low since 2010, as I can remember.

CIF Mombasa 575 USD per MT
please contact for more CIF based prices.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Iran Bitumen Prices down due to high USD rate

New updated bitumen price (origin: Iran) are lower than ever this year, because of high USD to Rial rate.
it's an opportunity for exporters and also international buyers to buy quality bitumen from Iran at a more reasonable price.

NEW Bitumen Prices:
FOB Bandar Abbas - 500 USD per MT
CIF Nheva Sheva, India - 520 USD per MT
CIF African ports - 650 USD per MT (may vary from one country to another, please contact)

Slack Wax for India, CIF Nheva Sheva
Iranoil Slack wax (Heavy - Tehran) - 700 USD per MT
Iranoil Slack Wax (light - Abadan) - 650 USD per MT

RPO for India, CIF Nheva Sheva
540 USD per MT

please feel free to contact us by email: honarparvar @ gmail . com
or visit our Bitumen website for more information. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bitumen Buyers or Window shoppers?!

Hey Bitumen Exporters! how many of your contacts, telephone calls, emails and ads campaigns turn in to a real Bitumen client??

Hey Bitumen Importers! how serious are you when you contact a bitumen supplier??

I answer both! with having a very near to real estimation, I just discovered only one out of 400 emails and contacts I have made during last 5 years in this business, turns in to a real client with an order!
With a low profit margin in this business it really sounds disappointing, huh?!

even Bitumen Market has window shoppers!
Window shoppers can become a part of your branding strategy
the key is, my company has a monopoly on supplying bitumen from Iran to two countries, which is enough for our supply capacity! so, what I am looking for on this blog and all this internet ads, exhibition attending, magazine ads etc, as the marketing manager of the company?? 

I tell you one secret: I'm looking for new monopolies! so we can expand our bitumen supply and have the alternative customers always.

So again, Hey Bitumen Exporters! young traders! don't give up and just stick to your profession and business strategy and marketing plan! your marketing plan is your bible! if you don't believe in that, who else should?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Virgin/Recycled Base Oil

Base oil availability from Iran! virgin and recycled base oil with high quality is available at very good prices. Below you can find three main grades which we deal mostly:

SN-150 Recycled
Physical properties
Base Oil
SpGr@60/60 F (APP.)
Flash Point C (min)
Viscosity index (min)
Color (max)
2.5 - 3

FOB Bandar Abbas 900 USD
Bazargan border 910 USD per MT
* Bazargan port is useful for Turkish traders

SN-500 Virgin
Physical properties
Base Oil
SpGr@60/60 F (APP.)
Flash Point C (min)
Asphaltenes WT% (max)
MIN. VIS. @ 100 C
Water Cont. VOL.% (max)
Color (max)
Pour Point C (max)
Viscosity Index
FOB Bandar Abbas 1050 USD
Bazargan border 1060 USD per MT

SN-500 Recycled
Flash Point
Min 120
Viscosity @100 C
Min 9.5
FOB Bandar Abbas 930 USD
Bazargan border 940 USD per MT