Monday, December 28, 2009

Quantity orders vs. Quality orders

one of problems bitumen buyers may experience is that in many projects you don't need more than 100-200 MT bitumen. like a small road construction or a medium road repair service, or a small refinery which produces bitumen roof seals and protection systems. While in nowadays' trade world which nobody likes to engage with many middle men and middle businesses (and indeed the communication helps you do so), for such amounts you have to go to a middle man dealer to buy a partial quantity of his load on ship. and there's a big scam here when you want to buy a small amount of bitumen, because you may encounter unqualified bitumen suppliers (while big suppliers are not interested in such deals) and small suppliers' quality sometime... sucks!

Any solution? I'll show you!
any trader and bitumen broker can provide such quantity in less than a week. in fact, there are always less than 500MT availabilities in ports while we are collecting a big order. the problem with your tiny order is not availability, it's the payment. if you are ready to pay cash on delivery or cash in advance, and if you handle the shipment yourself, there you are. all you need to do is to contact reputable dealers you know and mention you need that amount for first bid and you pay in cash and get the bitumen in the port (not FOB)

after you bought the bitumen, you should be able to contact a shipping line or a forwarder, pay the shipping cost and the THC (Terminal Handling Charge in Iran is roughly 45 USD per 20feet container) and get the Bill of Ladings yourself.