Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bitumen Export process details and break down

Bitumen business is a niche market. small profit margin is a MUST to be able to stay competitive. so every single process in the delivery of the Bitumen, from the refinery, to port of dis charge, should be studied well and researched. here is a break down to our costs and steps, as a bitumen exporter from Iran:

  • buying Bitumen from Iran Mercantile Exchange Market (or directly from Refinery)
  • bringing bulk bitumen to our packing facility in Isfahan city
  • packing: steel drums or BituBags (1 MT Jumbo bag)
  • loading and stuffing drums or bags in to 20' containers
  • transporting containers to port of loading (usually Bandar Abbas)
  • Terminal Handling and Boarding the containers
  • ocean freight and discharge at destination
Our drumming facility in Isfahan
for more information and updated prices, you can always check our website: Iran Bitumen Market
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Base oil SN500 virgin and recycled available

We've got base oil SN500 available, both virgin and recycled:

SN500 virgin FOB Bandar Abbas 1200 USD / MT
SN500 recycled FOB Bandar Abbas 970 USD / MT

Packing: new steel drums
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