Sunday, February 17, 2013

How buying Bitumen from Iran, can perform safer?!

I know, many traders have excessive hunger for Iranian prime and quality Bitumen, but what threatens them for a safe and hassle free purchase?
Safe Business tips to buy bitumen from Iranian exporters

1. the payment dilemma
since the Iranian refineries ask for cash in advance for bitumen, traders and brokers face financing problems. drumming, transportation, Terminal charges and Freight costs are all cash payments too. so traders should finance the deals 100% or ask for some cash payments.

2. the quality and purity problem
I'm afraid, many buyers have told stories about how they found contaminated bitumen in their drums  when they loaded to sight of construction! and you may agree that's too late for any compensation!

3. the delivery period issue
you sign a 1 month delivery contract, and you get the goods in 2 month! that simple...

one word solution for all above issues: know who you are buying from!

visit their drumming factory, visit their office in Tehran or other cities. ask them to provide you documents of last purchases from refinery and notice how frequent the dates are. and if they let, ask them to introduce you one or more trusted partners in your country of destination or neighborhood.

need to mention? WE DO ALL ABOVE! keep safe and clean in your business!

new price of bitumen: FOB Bandar Abbas, 60/70 and 85/100
new steel drums, 520 USD per MT

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