Monday, October 5, 2009

Consultancy service buying bitumen from Iran

I’ve experienced many different problems regarding payments, delivery, SGS inspections etc with international bitumen traders. To be honest it’s also hard to work with Iranian suppliers since they show minimum flexibility in negotiations and making agreements. obviously, a major part of these problems and non flexibilities are due to sanctions on Iran, economic embargoes etc. What I can provide your firms in this conditions to ease the process of buying and importing bitumen from Iran, is consultancy service including:

  • Quoting from various reliable sources
  • Negotiation and signing contract with chosen supplier
  • Banking issues:
  1. Dividing your transferable LC from world prime banks through our Bank in Dubai or Cyprus
  2. OR: receiving your LC in Iranian banks from international banks who are able to issue such LC
  • SGS and Insurance services
  • Transportation, ocean freight and Terminal Handling services
  • Drumming process supervisory

Please feel free to contact me for further information: emad @