Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bitumen prices down for record low in 2010

Iranian Bitumen Prices down!!
we have a new record low price for bitumen in Iran since early 2010 now!
Bandar Abbas port in new steel drums (or bulk) from Jey and Pasargad oil refinery for as low as 400 USD per MT.

adding THC will give you rough price for FOB Bandar Abbas, which is about 413 USD per MT. the delivery is upon a 30-40 days period and it's important to notice the maximum partial shipment would be 3000 MT per month. I believe whoever promises more delivery will face problems in his duties. we have recently succeeded in LC payment terms but Iranian traders have still experiencing difficulties and problems with LC payments.
some FCR destinations have below costs to be added:
  • Nheva Sheva, India - 10 USD per MT
  • Shanghai, China - 7 USD per MT
  • Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE - 5.5 USD per MT
  • African port like Mombasa, Kenya / Port Sudan - 65 USD per MT