Monday, December 24, 2012

Poly Ethylene and other Petrochemical products from Iran

We have new availabilities on Petrochemical products and also oil products.

PE, stands for Polyethylene is the most common plastic, with a vast range of usage for packaging, plastic bag, plastic films, geo-membranes, containers including bottles etc.

PE has a wide range of grades itself. we have PE-BL3 and PE-52518 for export right now.
both grades, EXW Factory in Assaluyeh 1410 USD per MT

Iran has a wide range of Petrochemical products for export

Base Oil for export
Base oil SN-500 virgin in flexi tanks (22 MT)
price: FOB Bandar Abbas 950 USD per MT

Base Oil SN-500 recycled is available too, price depends on the type of packing clients asks for.

Slack Wax:
Heavy Slack Wax FOB Bandar Abbas 800 USD per MT
Light Slack Wax FOB Bandar Abbas 650 USD per MT

for inquiries please contact me: honarparvar at gmail dot com
or my cell phone: +98 912 149 6126

all the prices are valid for one week (till 2nd January 2013)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bitumen, Slack Wax and Poly Ethylene

too many problems nowadays with Iranian suppliers... sanctions and embargoes from one side and economic difficulties from the other hand...

anyway, still working! here are some new updates on prices and availability:

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100
origin Jey Oil Refinery, Isfahan
new steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas 525 USD per MT

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100
origin Pasargad Oil Refinery, Tehran
new steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas 490 USD per MT

* Tehran is the best quality among Pasargad refineries. I don't recommend other ones like Bandar Abbas or Arak

Jam Petrochemical Refinery
EXW factory 1400 USD per MT

Heavy Slack Wax
Sepahan refinery
FOB Bandar Abbas 800 USD per MT

all the price are valid till 19 Dec 2012
please contact me (+98 912 149 6126 / or email) for further information or visit Iran Bitumen Market website for specifications, grades, packing info and updated price every week.