Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bitumen website for sale!

I've ran this website for a long time: http://www.buy-bitumen.com/
the website has a reasonable page views and unique visitors per day, newsletter, search, online order and contact form abilities.
It has a very good ranking in Google with search terms like "buy bitumen", "iran bitumen", "bitumen packing methods" and many other bitumen related keywords.

I'm about selling this website! the reason is my company mostly deals with few existed clients and new orders are ignored almost always!

the price including the domain name, website design and content, hosting service for one year is 5000 Euro
please let me know if you are interested, or you may introduce someone who may be.
contact me: +98 912 149 6126 or honarparvar at gmail dot com

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time Limited Offer for Iran Bitumen availability

Dear friends,I have a limited availability for a limited time offer!

4000 MT, bitumen grade 80/100 and 85/100 (2000 MT Each)
Packed in new steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas
Payment: Cash upon delivery of documents (FOB)
Origination: Pasargad Oil refinery, Iran

Delivery: right now!!
Price: 614 USD per MT
Dead line: 1st July 2011
Please feel free to contact me by email: honarparvar[at]gmail.com

Friday, June 3, 2011

Inability to sell bitumen in bulk from Iran

many clients are asking us for bulk bitumen, while many others wonder why the prices we quote are high (for same reason, it's not bulk bitumen, it's packed in new steel drums which adds approximately 60 USD per MT to the product)
well, the truth is we are unable to sell bulk bitumen from Iranian refineries because of two simple and basic reasons:
1. we don't have resources for road transportation of bulk bitumen in huge quantities (like 10,000 MT per month)
2. we don't have bulk bitumen shippers and vessels

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NEW Availablity! Bitumen Prices from Iran

Hi there,

New prices for Bitumen may be shocking, but the future of commodity market prices based on oil isn't either! It seems the prices are rising with no up-limit.

The new availability we have:


5,000 MT Bitumen grade 60/70

Origin Pasargad Oil Refinery, Iran

Price: 630 USD

FOB Bandar Abbas (ask for CFR based quoting: ogs@irxp.com)

Packing: New steel drums

SGS applied

Payment at sight LC / Bank Guarantee / Cash on delivery


7,000 MT Bitumen grade 85/100

Origin Pasargad Oil Refinery, Iran

Price: 630 USD

FOB Bandar Abbas (ask for CFR based quoting: ogs@irxp.com)

Packing: New steel drums

SGS applied

Payment at sight LC / Bank Guarantee / Cash on delivery


For all further information, contact us or visit our website: www.buy-bitumen.com


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bitumen price in Iran

after a rally in price of oil and bitumen in Iran's mercantile exchange market, now in the first week of new Persian calendar year, the price of bitumen is again back to normal levels. though it seems the turmoil and chaos in the oil and bitumen market has no end in the wotrld.

at the moment Pasargad Oil refinery's bitumen based on Bandar Abbas FOB is 500 USD.
this price can be valid for a week.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Iran Bitumen Market has a new player!

My company has established a new web based reference for Bitumen Market in Iran

what you will see on this website:

  • Bitumen updated prices based on FOB, CFR and CIF
  • Bitumen products, grades and availabilities in Iran
  • Freight, Transportation and Insurance service details
  • Packing methods and specifications
  • Online ordering service
  • Newsletter which helps you stay in touch with the market updates
  • News Service and upcoming events in Bitumen Market
This site has still a long way to go through, and we appreciate your opinions and comments.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bitumen offer for Bangladesh market

I have experienced many difficulties for trading bitumen with Bangladesh regarding payment terms. but now I have availability in selling Iranian Bitumen (Jey Oil Refinery) to Bangladeshi traders, importers and constructors.
grades: 60/70 and 85/100
Packing: new or used steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas: 499 USD per MT (special offer for Bangladesh only)
please contact me by email on ogs@irxp.com for CFR prices and inquiring for any further information like technical test specification, Insurance terms or payment terms. anyway, the deal with Bangladesh for Bitumen is no more tough with flexible payment terms and finance facilities!
Freight costs to Chittagong port / Bangladesh
Terminal Handling Charge (THC) at Bandar Abbas port: 50 USD per each 20 feet container
Freight cost: 800 USD per 20" container
so the CFR Chittagong/Bangladesh Price would be: 542.5 USD per MT
for CIF, obviously you have to add Insurance cost which is normally not in our policies.