Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bitumen offer for Bangladesh market

I have experienced many difficulties for trading bitumen with Bangladesh regarding payment terms. but now I have availability in selling Iranian Bitumen (Jey Oil Refinery) to Bangladeshi traders, importers and constructors.
grades: 60/70 and 85/100
Packing: new or used steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas: 499 USD per MT (special offer for Bangladesh only)
please contact me by email on for CFR prices and inquiring for any further information like technical test specification, Insurance terms or payment terms. anyway, the deal with Bangladesh for Bitumen is no more tough with flexible payment terms and finance facilities!
Freight costs to Chittagong port / Bangladesh
Terminal Handling Charge (THC) at Bandar Abbas port: 50 USD per each 20 feet container
Freight cost: 800 USD per 20" container
so the CFR Chittagong/Bangladesh Price would be: 542.5 USD per MT
for CIF, obviously you have to add Insurance cost which is normally not in our policies.