Sunday, April 21, 2013

Drumming process

I'd like to post some information on drumming process. Our drumming plant is in Industrial city of Shargh, in Segzi, Isfahan.
this industrial city is located in the transit way from Jey refinery to Bandar Abbas. so the transportation cost will be optimized. another option for drumming plants is Mourchekhort, which is near to the refinery, but increases the cost of land transportation.
usual new steel drums for Asian and African clients

in the next post, I will give you steps and pictures! for now I have to leave office for a meeting!
Oh! at least I can give you new prices: FOB Bandar Abbas 515 USD per MT
contact me for further information...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

new year in Iran, starts with huge demand on Bitumen and other oil products

Iranian new year holidays were way too long this year and had a big impact on business!
anyway it's over now, back to work.

the increasing demand for Iranian oil products and petrochemicals which started in passed March, continued in April. we have plenty of inquiries from Sri Lanka, Burmeh, Vietnam and Pakistan. inquiries from Africa seems to be slowing down which can be considered seasonal.

Bitumen grades 60/70 and 85/100 packed in new steel drums, FOB Bandar Abbas 525 USD per MT

Iranian Bitumen found it's way back to Vietnam and there is a new price for Hai Phong Port in Vietnam:

CIF Hai Phong Port of Vietnam Bitumen 60/70 in new steel drums 575 USD per MT
CIF Hai Phong Port of Vietnam Bitumen 40/50 in new steel drums 595 USD per MT

Sulphur is Available FOB Bandar Abbas 135 USD per MT
Poly Ethylene BL3 and other PE grades also available

all the prices validity are within a week and should be re-confirmed.
feel free to contact me for further information: 
or on my cell phone: +98 912 149 6126

and you can always check our website "Iran Bitumen Export Market" for packing detail, technical spec etc