Wednesday, May 8, 2013

drums or plastic bags? that's the problem!

we pack bitumen in new steel drums for decades. many other alternatives showed up in recent years, but why suppliers do not like to switch to new options, while steel drums are more expensive, have more waste and sometimes loading issues are added too??

Our drumming facility in Segzi city, near Isfahan
here are some options to steel barrels:

Jumbo bags: they are made of plastic, 1 Metric Ton each, recently a bit more expensive than drums
Poly Bags: in 25, 35 and 50 kg bags, they can be melted and mix with bitumen in construction sight
bulk bitumen: it needs vessels for ocean freight

so why still steel drums?! :)

because clients still ask for them! too simple? but it's so true. 
you want to experience new ways? I suggest Jumbo Bags, even at a slight higher price... contact me for further information: or +98 912 149 6126

today's price for EXW Isfahan 520 USD per MT
ask for quotation CFR basis