Sunday, August 24, 2014

Granule Sulfur and Residue Wax (foots oil) from Iran

Hey guys!
Bitumen market is slow? prices are not good so you can't offer your clients?
don't worry!
we have other products with very competitive prices!

Sulfur Granule
30,000 MT Sulfur Granule
FOB Bandar Abbas
177.35 USD per MT

Residue Wax (Foots Oil)
oil content 65-70%
500 MT per month
ask for quoting

honarparvar [at] gmail dot com
call me +98 912 118 3188

Friday, August 22, 2014

understanding payment logic dealing Iran oil products (L/C vs TT)

In D2 (Gas Oil) deals, many feel lot and confused in payment terms.
Don't be guys! this is oil business, you have to be smart and finding your way through difficulties, possibilities and opportunities. understanding the TTO procedure is easy if you try to understand the logic behind. 
Payment methods are a bottle neck for many deals

Why some traders are not accepting LC payments?
there are different possibly right answers for that: 

  1. embargoes and sanctions on Iran banking system
  2. funding problems for commodities which need the trader to pay in advance to refineries and petrochem complex (suppliers) 
  3. extra cost LC puts on supplier and makes the price uncompetitive 

I will write more about TT payments which we use on Bitumen trade. in this post, just going through the TTO procedure (I do not use this payment method in my own company!):

PROCEDURE TTO (only used for D2, LPG and other fuels)

1. Buyer and seller sign and seal contract including banking coordinates and exchange the signed copy by electronic mail. The electronic signed copy by both parties is considered legally binding and enforceable, the executed spa is lodged in their respective banks.
2. Buyer returns the signed spa to the seller, with his ATB and supercargo details to enable seller issue marine ATB
3. Seller shall nominate, load a vessel and forward to buyer verifiable cargo documents including: bill of lading, certificate of quality, certificate of origin, cargo manifest, tanker report, master receipt of cargo.
4. Upon confirmation of documents, buyers bank issues MT760 (blocked fund) of 100% value of total cost of cargo to sellers bank in favor of seller
5. Seller upon confirmation of the confirm-able MT760 (blocked fund), reassigns loaded cargo documents to buyer. the seller get naval/nnpc outward  clearance and board buyer’s inspector and supercargo for the purpose of conducting Q&Q and physical confirmation by issuing matb through vessel captain.
6. the buyer receive the Q&Q report and all relevant cargo documents sent through sellers bank to buyers bank and buyers bank effect full payments within 72hrs by swift KTT transfer to seller nominated bank account and all mandates and facilitator’s accounts as per the spa.

7. The seller confirms payments and clear vessel to sail voyage to buyer’s destination port.
Deal closed with possible roll-over

Monday, August 11, 2014

importance of drumming quality in trading Bitumen

I have written a lot about Bitumen quality, drumming importance and mixing bitumen with contaminants. today I received below email from a Bitumen buyer, which was affected by low quality drums. in this case it is not about the Bitumen quality, no contaminants, but bad packing.

(sorry for bad English, it is  exactly copied!)

Dear friend,
Please note that some traders and drummers are selling bitumen with a very low quality drums. The drums they produce are very poor and  frail . they sell the drum to buyers with same price that inform as IME for new steel drum and buyers don’t know until when open the containers in discharge port

Because a lot of water by the rain into barrels , This makes after placing the barrel in  containers , you will believe that drum is good and no leakages but after open container you will be see how much bitumen  Spilled on the floor of the container . when you want unloading the drums from containers you will be see With the slightest shaking, the barrel will be  leak  and begins to drain bitumen .  

this is ab-usage the name and reputation of the company also ab-usage of buyers trust .  I collected some of photos from Damaged buyers that you can see . please share the problem with all buyers in all website and group until we To prevent major fraud on the trade of bitumen in Iran.

bad quality drumming affects Bitumen buyers and traders

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bitumen, Slack Wax and RPO from Iran - valid till 12 Aug 2014

Bitumen 60/70, packed in new steel drums, Jey refinery

FOB Bandar Abbas 519 USD per MT

payment: 50% cash in advance - 50% against B/L

Africa (all sea ports) - India, China etc


Slack Wax, Light - Abadan refinery, packed in Second hand drums

FOB Bandar Abbas 765$ per MT

CNF Nhava Sheva or CNF Shanghai 775 USD per MT


Slack Wax, Heavy - Iranol refinery, packed in Second hand drums

FOB Bandar Abbas 820$ per MT

CNF Nhava Sheva or CNF Shanghai 830 USD per MT


RPO Sepahan refinery, packed in new steel drums

FOB Bandar Abbas 705USD per MT

CNF Nhava Sheva or CNF Shanghai 715 USD per MT


Petrolotum Iranol, packed in second hand drums

FOB Bandar Abbas 1040 USD per MT

CNF Nhava Sheva or CNF Shanghai 1050 USD per MT


for further information on CNF prices contact us. for Specification and technical data visit our website:

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bitumen from Iran to Africa

Bitumen exporters are seeking to expand their market share in new and old African markets. Many traders have lost their market in east and south Asia since the prices of bitumen in China and India is lower than applicable prices in Iran! Several facts are involved causing this, but out of our issue, but it will soon change (estimated early 2015 back to normal)

Markets in Madagascar, Sirre Leon, Tanzania and other African countries are live and kicking!
The old and nasty problem we still face is payment terms! Cash payment is the only way we still apply on. Feel free to contact me for further information.