Friday, July 10, 2009

buying bitumen from Iran

many traders trying to find contacts in Iran, experience a similar problem: different prices from different companies. what's the point?

the bitumen prices in Iran, like all other commodities: gold, silver, sugar, base oil etc, are considered in Stock exchange (Iran Mercantile Exchange market: which we are a certified broker over there.) So the price we provide is: price at IME + drumming costs + transportation

Our profit is maximum 5-7%, so other's prices shouldn't be able to differ so much. but they do.
the reason is small workshops and bitumen producers and some cheating traders!

What’s the risk of buying from them? 1- quality 2- they cannot supply big amounts

If you don’t care about quality (see our quality tests) or you don’t want big amounts in a long term business, that’s fine, you can get lower prices.

Another warning you should be concern about is drumming plants who mix Jey refinery bitumen with self produced bitumen. you even can't trust SGS reports they provide. so make sure to know your business partner and do a visit to their drumming plant before you buy.