Saturday, September 11, 2010

how to trade bitumen?

first of all, let me tell you this is about how to trade real bitumen! not trading bitumen as a commodity in commodity markets (like NYMEX or FOREX etc)
The real bitumen is used for many construction projects and industries like road and house constructions, resins and other chemical usages.

Trading bitumen means buying or selling, or importing and exporting bitumen from its sources in countries like Iran, to destinations like Africa, India, China or Europe.

To trade bitumen within Iranian resources you have to buy it from:
a. Iran Mercantile Exchange Market
b. a dealer

a) in this case, you have to be authorized by IME. this happens when you register a company in Iran and provide the IME with enough documents on your technical and financial abilities to deal bitumen internationally. when you got authorized, you can buy bitumen from sources like Jey and Pasargad refinery directly. you buy in Exchange Market and you got the delivery in factory or in ports.

b) if you are trying to buy from a dealer, you agree on the payment terms and delivery conditions, you provide less documents and efforts, but you pay 5-10 USD per Metric Ton more. it's really important to buy from someone who has a good reputation. Don't involve yourself with middle man and commissioners who are not authorized dealers themselves.

I can help you with both above ways. feel free to contact me emad at irxp dot com