Saturday, August 7, 2010

Investing your capital and time in Bitumen business?

How do you feel about starting a new business in bitumen field?! My main business is providing marketing consultancy services to international companies who want to market and promote their brand, products or services in Iran, I also import industrial equipments and export raw materials from Iran. so simply bitumen can not be my main business. but I've learned a lot about bitumen related business in my own country which I'd like to share with you. so if you are wondering how to start an asphalt business, here are some suggestions to help you get off to the best possible start, but first remember, I look from this direction: Iran is exporter of bitumen and you are probably investing your new business inside Iran:
in this post I will list the title businesses and in future posts I will extract details about each case:

1. Trading Bitumen
2. Packing business (drumming, bagging etc)
3. transportation
4. shipping forwarders
5. sub-products and services
6. road construction
7. producing butimen
8. producing related products

what's the common issue among all above issues? bitumen!
I will write you guys back soon...