Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bitumen, Speedy Engine Oil, Slack Wax and Base Oil

Base Oil SN500, virgin
Origin: Sepahan Refinery, Iran
Available in Bulk and new steel drums
Bulk FOB Boushehr port 928 USD per MT
Drums FOB Bandar Abbas or other ports, price depends on order quantity

Base Oil SN 500 recycled, in new steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas 975 USD per MT
Origin Eshtehard refinery, Iran

Heavy Slack Wax
Origin: Sepahan refinery, Iran
in new steel drums, 
FOB BND 760 USD per MT
Origin: Iranol refinery, used drums, 
FOB BND 780 USD per MT

Speedy Engine Oil
Sepahan refinery, Iran
FOB BND 230 USD per barrel
New steel drums

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100
Origin: Jey or Pasargad, Iran
FOB BND 510 USD per MT (limited quantity)
New steel drums


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Iron Ore for China and Bitumen from Iran for global market!

Hi all
sorry for being too busy to update frequently. you can mail me a blank email to my address to receive updates and price quoting for Bitumen, Polymers, minerals and cement etc: honarparvar (@)
in the subject line just type the products(s) you are interested in.

Iron Ore from Iran for China market
Iran Iron Ore has a large market potential in China. we have below availability right now:

Iron Ore, Iran origin
5000 MT FOB Bandar Abbas
Fe: 57%
SiO2: 8%
Al2O3: 3%
S: 1.5%
P: 0.01%
FeO: 16% min
Size: 0-10 and 10-30 mm

please feel free to contact me for further information. also if you have different analysis for special requirment, let me know.

Bitumen from Iran
we always have Bitumen! you can check updated bitumen prices online, on our website:
right now the price is 515 USD per MT FOB Bandar Abbas
contact me for CFR quoting and other details you may need.

we also have Cement for Africa, D2, HDPE and other Petrochemical products from Iran.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bitumen Export process details and break down

Bitumen business is a niche market. small profit margin is a MUST to be able to stay competitive. so every single process in the delivery of the Bitumen, from the refinery, to port of dis charge, should be studied well and researched. here is a break down to our costs and steps, as a bitumen exporter from Iran:

  • buying Bitumen from Iran Mercantile Exchange Market (or directly from Refinery)
  • bringing bulk bitumen to our packing facility in Isfahan city
  • packing: steel drums or BituBags (1 MT Jumbo bag)
  • loading and stuffing drums or bags in to 20' containers
  • transporting containers to port of loading (usually Bandar Abbas)
  • Terminal Handling and Boarding the containers
  • ocean freight and discharge at destination
Our drumming facility in Isfahan
for more information and updated prices, you can always check our website: Iran Bitumen Market
or you can contact me on honarparvar {at} gmail {dot} com

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Base oil SN500 virgin and recycled available

We've got base oil SN500 available, both virgin and recycled:

SN500 virgin FOB Bandar Abbas 1200 USD / MT
SN500 recycled FOB Bandar Abbas 970 USD / MT

Packing: new steel drums
Please feel free to contact me for further information on honarparvar[at]

Or visit

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

high prices in Iran's market threatens customers' trust!

I can't hide that I'm excessively exhausted these days because of volatile Bitumen Market conditions in Iran. 

Because of USD to Rial fluctuations in recent days, the price of Bitumen increased in Iran market. It may be temporary, so please keep contact and let us update you with new prices. You can always check FOB price in our website:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Iran Bitumen new offer

Dear friends,
After some fluctuations in currency market in Iran, we have now new stable prices for Bitumen:

Bitumen 60/70 and 85/100
New steel drums
FOB Bandar Abbas
522 USD per MT

For CIF price at your destination, or for other grades like 40/50, 80/100 or 100/120 please contact us.

For packing details, bitumen specification and other information you may visit our website: Iran Bitumen

email your orders and inquiries: honarparvar [at]
or contact me on my cell +98 912 149 6126

Emad Honarparvar

Monday, June 17, 2013

when Bitumen Business slows down...!

you probably have seen to many "what to do when business is slow..." tips and advice on the net. things like:

  • contact old clients and make better relations
  • cut possible costs and do more yourself
  • work on advertising strategies and write new plans
  • etc etc etc
I, personally, am fed up with slow business in Iran recent months, but more fed up with these advises!
in the last three months I just did couple of sales which is disappointing! so I struggled a lot with this question and here are my COMPLETELY DIFFERENT solution!

Bitumen from Iran
  • understand the reason
    hmmm... well, the real one I mean! in my case, presidential election in Iran and large scale fluctuations in USD/Rial rate were strongest reasons
    understanding the real reasons will definitely help you get back on track when those which are out of your control ended up.
  • long run buddy! look at the long run!
    the lab is over? but there are more remaining! the sanctions will be over, new president will step to power, USD/Rial rate will be solid, L/C will be OK again... what next? so you have to be ready for a long run business.
  • take some nasty time OFF!
    damn go out of your office, hang out with friends (especially those who may have impact on your business) and spend some time for yourself! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

drums or plastic bags? that's the problem!

we pack bitumen in new steel drums for decades. many other alternatives showed up in recent years, but why suppliers do not like to switch to new options, while steel drums are more expensive, have more waste and sometimes loading issues are added too??

Our drumming facility in Segzi city, near Isfahan
here are some options to steel barrels:

Jumbo bags: they are made of plastic, 1 Metric Ton each, recently a bit more expensive than drums
Poly Bags: in 25, 35 and 50 kg bags, they can be melted and mix with bitumen in construction sight
bulk bitumen: it needs vessels for ocean freight

so why still steel drums?! :)

because clients still ask for them! too simple? but it's so true. 
you want to experience new ways? I suggest Jumbo Bags, even at a slight higher price... contact me for further information: or +98 912 149 6126

today's price for EXW Isfahan 520 USD per MT
ask for quotation CFR basis

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Drumming process

I'd like to post some information on drumming process. Our drumming plant is in Industrial city of Shargh, in Segzi, Isfahan.
this industrial city is located in the transit way from Jey refinery to Bandar Abbas. so the transportation cost will be optimized. another option for drumming plants is Mourchekhort, which is near to the refinery, but increases the cost of land transportation.
usual new steel drums for Asian and African clients

in the next post, I will give you steps and pictures! for now I have to leave office for a meeting!
Oh! at least I can give you new prices: FOB Bandar Abbas 515 USD per MT
contact me for further information...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

new year in Iran, starts with huge demand on Bitumen and other oil products

Iranian new year holidays were way too long this year and had a big impact on business!
anyway it's over now, back to work.

the increasing demand for Iranian oil products and petrochemicals which started in passed March, continued in April. we have plenty of inquiries from Sri Lanka, Burmeh, Vietnam and Pakistan. inquiries from Africa seems to be slowing down which can be considered seasonal.

Bitumen grades 60/70 and 85/100 packed in new steel drums, FOB Bandar Abbas 525 USD per MT

Iranian Bitumen found it's way back to Vietnam and there is a new price for Hai Phong Port in Vietnam:

CIF Hai Phong Port of Vietnam Bitumen 60/70 in new steel drums 575 USD per MT
CIF Hai Phong Port of Vietnam Bitumen 40/50 in new steel drums 595 USD per MT

Sulphur is Available FOB Bandar Abbas 135 USD per MT
Poly Ethylene BL3 and other PE grades also available

all the prices validity are within a week and should be re-confirmed.
feel free to contact me for further information: 
or on my cell phone: +98 912 149 6126

and you can always check our website "Iran Bitumen Export Market" for packing detail, technical spec etc

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Iranian New Year holidays will halt bitumen trades from Iran

Persian calendar New Year, calling Nowrooz, will be celebrated on 21st of March. according to my experience, new orders on Bitumen, other oil products or petrochemicals can not made from two weeks before the holidays to be delivered before.
the holidays will halt the transportation as well for two weeks, or makes it very difficult. so in couple of days, we can consider the year... OVER!
Happy Persian New Year!

looking back, I can describe my business in the year 1391 (2012-2013), growing and changing!

The Growth:
we had customers in India, China and Africa previous years. in the current year we explored new countries like Sierre Leone, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Myanmar.
We also had oil products, like Bitumen, Base Oil, Slack Wax, Paraffin, etc... but this year, we started dealing with Petrochemical like PE-BL3, PP, IsoButanol and PVC

Petrochemical products have a great potential in Turkey and Pakistan, we are trying to explore and find more potential markets and clients purchasing petrochem products alongside with our oil products.

So the growth I said, performed in goods and destination markets both.

The Change:
it's all about the sanctions! we experience very tough embargoes and payment terms are influenced more than ever. ocean freights and shipping ways are also in tough conditions.
we have to be flexible in these terms to be competitive, but with the force to pay in cash to refineries and transportation, drumming etc inside the country, we can not finance all the deals we receive and therefore asking for down-payments is a must for us...

Vision for next year, 1392 (2013)
we will keep our focus on Bitumen and oil products. our drumming plant will expand its capacity to 1000 MT per day which is 50 barrels a day.
Our petrochemical products will be offered in a limited range of some PE and PP grades since we prefer to test the markets with some few reliable sources and grades of products we know we have advantages comparing to other countries supplying petrochemical goods.
Our company will lunch a new website for petrochemical products in the coming year.

Happy Nowrooz, stay healthy and keep in touch!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How buying Bitumen from Iran, can perform safer?!

I know, many traders have excessive hunger for Iranian prime and quality Bitumen, but what threatens them for a safe and hassle free purchase?
Safe Business tips to buy bitumen from Iranian exporters

1. the payment dilemma
since the Iranian refineries ask for cash in advance for bitumen, traders and brokers face financing problems. drumming, transportation, Terminal charges and Freight costs are all cash payments too. so traders should finance the deals 100% or ask for some cash payments.

2. the quality and purity problem
I'm afraid, many buyers have told stories about how they found contaminated bitumen in their drums  when they loaded to sight of construction! and you may agree that's too late for any compensation!

3. the delivery period issue
you sign a 1 month delivery contract, and you get the goods in 2 month! that simple...

one word solution for all above issues: know who you are buying from!

visit their drumming factory, visit their office in Tehran or other cities. ask them to provide you documents of last purchases from refinery and notice how frequent the dates are. and if they let, ask them to introduce you one or more trusted partners in your country of destination or neighborhood.

need to mention? WE DO ALL ABOVE! keep safe and clean in your business!

new price of bitumen: FOB Bandar Abbas, 60/70 and 85/100
new steel drums, 520 USD per MT

contact me

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bitumen is back to market!

after 6 weeks of problems in bitumen supply, which was caused by some problems in Export permissions between government of Iran (ministry of commerce) and the refineries and also the custom offices, we have availability on Bitumen export again.

the price of Vacuum Bottom, the raw material for refined Bitumen has been risen up in last month, so the price of Bitumen follows the same trend and is higher than before again.

New price for Bitumen, in New Steel Drums (6 mm)
FOB Bandar Abbas : 550 USD per MT
origin Jey refinery, Isfahan, IRAN

please send your inquiries to or call me directly +98 912 149 6126