Friday, April 30, 2010

Iran Oil and Gas Exhibition ended

The 15th International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition covered more than 10 task forces including consultant engineer groups, spare parts constructors, technical and commercial service provider companies, oil products producers, processing equipments producers, fuel consumption efficiency companies and research and training sector, general contractors, companies active in information technology fields.
among these companies you could find most of major Iranian bitumen suppliers like Pasargad and Jey refineries.

to me it sounds like iranian bitumen suppliers are losing their int'l markets since the local demand is too much and likely to take over the national bitumen supplement. just like the petrol we have to import though we have large reservoir of crude oil, I can see in future we have to import bitumen to supply our road constructions and other related projects.

the price of Iranian bitumen is still high for the same reason, but the higher quality comparing to other bitumen suppliers is still a reason for constructors to buy Iranian bitumen.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where to check bitumen prices online

it seems the bitumen market is getting hot again as the oil prices are rally and as a side effect (certainly lagging a little bit) bitumen prices follow crude oil prices. a friend has asked:

Dear Mr.Emad,

I have seen your site about bitumen in Iran and was awfully appreciated.
As a broker,I need a site to be aware about daily price up and downs in Iran,is there any?
It helps me to accelerate my contacts and responding to emails I receive.
I have sent you email via Hotmail but not sure about receiving it maybe Virus prevent it to drop.
Hope to have fruitful coordinating in a two sides benefits all time.

the answer is easy, Iran's bitumen is traded in Iran Mercantile Exchange market which you can check on their website or you can check our updated price here: Iran Bitumen Market
right now the prices of Bitumen are as below:

Pasargad Oil bitumen 60-70 Abadan 390 USD per metric Tonne FOB Abadan
Pasargad Oil bitumen 60-70 Arak 390 USD per metric Tonne FCA Arak
Pasargad Oil bitumen 60-70 Bandar Abbas 430 USD per metric Tonne FOB Bandar Abbas
Pasargad Oil bitumen 60-70 Tehran 390 USD per metric Tonne FCA Tehran
Pasargad Oil bitumen 85-100 Tabriz 390 USD per metric Tonne FCA tabriz
Pasargad Oil bitumen 60-70 Shiraz 390 USD per metric Tonne FCA Shiraz

you have to add roughly 100 USD per MT for drumming and transportation costs + THC at port + financial costs if you are buying from a dealer. right now as far as I know it make it 580 USD per MT FOB Bandar Abbas in new steel drums considering above costs.