Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new website on Iranian origin Bitumen (Review and Introductory)

Iranian market for oil products and especially bitumen is getting more gain than ever in the recent years. When I started this blog, even my own company didn't have a dedicated website on Bitumen, neither do any other business corporate.
but now there are many Business firms dealing and trading bitumen which have found Internet as a powerful tool to penetrate the market, update their clients and customers with their news and establish new relations. is a new player too.

Professional Design
the first thing you may notice in the site is "easy to look, easy to use" design of the site. the menu and the links are accessible and easy to navigate. like many other bitumen websites, a dark tone color helps the site to feel relevant and professional.
below the main header, there is a three step scheme which tells you about the purchase procedure: Send Request, Confirm Order and Track your order. though as a 5-year bitumen trader it sounds like a slogan to me, but shows the managers are trying to simplify the process of an purchase.

Online Services and Incentive Program have done more than a good design. While browsing the website, you quickly will realize the site has focused on two main plans: Order Tracking System and Incentive Purchase Plan (Incentive Rebate Program)
Both are good ideas to put on the website. tracking system with container numbers through most of freight forwarders and marine companies is possible. but having them on the website of the supplier can cause more confident and trust for the client.
Incentive purchasing tables are not new idea too. and reasonably all the traders offer incentive plans for buyers, but I know no other company promote that on a website. to be honest, I'm not gonna do the same on my website, but still sounds good for GildaTar

What's inside?
In my point of view, the website lacks from genuine and useful content. Also I do not like the name, using Tar for Bitumen, is just like using selling Acetaminophen on a website called !
ofcourse the term "Bitumen" is repeatedly used in the website, but a name is a name.
the writing style, fonts and grammar is good. and each page has an effective message for the user.

"Located in Iran, we export bitumen (asphalt) to all over ther world" this is what you can see in the footer, but in the contact us page, there is no contact or address information about Iranian head quarter or branch office. The answer to this question may be simply fear of the Sanctions, but with the announcement in the footer, it sounds weird.