Sunday, March 3, 2013

Iranian New Year holidays will halt bitumen trades from Iran

Persian calendar New Year, calling Nowrooz, will be celebrated on 21st of March. according to my experience, new orders on Bitumen, other oil products or petrochemicals can not made from two weeks before the holidays to be delivered before.
the holidays will halt the transportation as well for two weeks, or makes it very difficult. so in couple of days, we can consider the year... OVER!
Happy Persian New Year!

looking back, I can describe my business in the year 1391 (2012-2013), growing and changing!

The Growth:
we had customers in India, China and Africa previous years. in the current year we explored new countries like Sierre Leone, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Myanmar.
We also had oil products, like Bitumen, Base Oil, Slack Wax, Paraffin, etc... but this year, we started dealing with Petrochemical like PE-BL3, PP, IsoButanol and PVC

Petrochemical products have a great potential in Turkey and Pakistan, we are trying to explore and find more potential markets and clients purchasing petrochem products alongside with our oil products.

So the growth I said, performed in goods and destination markets both.

The Change:
it's all about the sanctions! we experience very tough embargoes and payment terms are influenced more than ever. ocean freights and shipping ways are also in tough conditions.
we have to be flexible in these terms to be competitive, but with the force to pay in cash to refineries and transportation, drumming etc inside the country, we can not finance all the deals we receive and therefore asking for down-payments is a must for us...

Vision for next year, 1392 (2013)
we will keep our focus on Bitumen and oil products. our drumming plant will expand its capacity to 1000 MT per day which is 50 barrels a day.
Our petrochemical products will be offered in a limited range of some PE and PP grades since we prefer to test the markets with some few reliable sources and grades of products we know we have advantages comparing to other countries supplying petrochemical goods.
Our company will lunch a new website for petrochemical products in the coming year.

Happy Nowrooz, stay healthy and keep in touch!